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It has been a while since I started my blog, got decent readers and a small little fan base that stands by me and supports me. Through all this, there is one question that always comes up, why SPINETOURER.

Here I am today, to tell you all about SpineTourer, its story and what it means to me.

Let’s divide the term into two…

Spine = Backbone 

Anyone and everyone at some point in their life needs motivation and inspiration. We have many breakdowns and at such times, this motivation helps us get back on our feet, move on and start working on our goal. SPINE is my KTM Duke 200; my bike, my backbone, my motivation, my inspiration, my machine — my everything.

While all my friends got bikes at a very young age from their parents, I decided to buy one on my own. My dad was always ready to help me, but I wanted to work hard for it. I got a job as soon as I graduated and started to work night shifts. For over a year I worked with an overtime (OT) of 4 to 12 hours while during the day I would teach students computer development and programming languages. With hard work, continuous savings and a little help from my parents, I bought a bike—my dream bike. I decided to name it SPINE as it like a backbone for me, reminding me that with hard work and dedication we can achieve what we want.

Tourer = More than a tourist

I like to explore places without planning. I don’t like to be a tourist who visits the place, clicks some pictures and goes back to the same routine life once the vacation is over. I love to visit places, learn its culture, adapt to changing circumstances and take back something as a lesson. This is not what a tourist does but what a traveler or a tourer will definitely do.

It is not about the bike, but about the hard work and capability to think and achieve extraordinary.This blog combines my inspiration and passion. It pushes me one step further to get out of comfort zone, to explore, to fall and to rise again.

I believe everyone has a reason to travel and explore and everyone is a SpineTourer.

Share your adventures with us – upload your photos to Instagram with #IamSpineTourer or send in your stories on (admin@spinetourer.com) and I would be happy to publish them on SpineTourer

Leave the familiar behind. Explore the Unknown.


Happy Travelling!

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