Motorcyclists Are Bad: Debunking The Myth

Himani Gautam

Himani Gautam

Not your girl next door. Future Chemical Engineer. Foodie. Pet Lover. Dancer. Fun person to be around. NOT BRAGGING!

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5 Responses

  1. Abhijeet rege says:

    People are so judgemental…a true rider doesn’t care about that though.
    Amazing read…lovely

    • Himani Gautam Himani Gautam says:

      Thank you Abhijeet for such wonderful feedback! We can grow only by being undugemental towards others.
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  2. Vrunda says:

    Nice write up guys.. This has broken my myth abt the bikers too!!

    • Himani Gautam Himani Gautam says:

      Thank you Vrunda! We are glad to have broken your myth on ‘Motorcyclists are bad’.
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  3. Yashwant Naik says:

    Hey Himani,

    Agree with your opinion about the BIKER.. Can you write an informative article about the BIKER ETHICS or an article which motivate all biker to do safe ride in city as well as.

    At end pleasure to read post…

    Thank you,

    Yashwant Naik

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